Environmentally friendly features of Miragrace
The ingredients of Miragrace are a combination of natural inorganic minerals and natural organic acids.

These materials are natural, stable, and pose no harm to people or the environment.

(1) Because Miragrace is a neutral substance, it corrects the pH of the processed water by about 0.5 to 1.0.

(2) It dramatically reduces BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

(3) It causes sorption and fixation of such heavy metals as Cr+6, Pb (lead), Cu (copper), Cd (cadmium), Co (cobalt), N (nickel), Zn (zinc), Mo (molybdenum) and Fe (iron) and subsequent elution will not usually occur.
This function is important for measures to protect the health of the community.

Diphenyl reaction: Substitution occurs
Radical reaction:
This utilizes a physical action whereby air contained in natural porous substances escapes to the atmosphere and heavy metals enter into the cavities beginning with the heaviest matter first.
Ettringite reaction: Needle shaped crystals of reactive silica and calcium prevent the heavy metals from subsequent dissolving.
Pozzolanic reaction: A hardening action occurs by pozzolanic reaction when suspended solids meet with calcium and reactive silica in the water.
These four reactions finish simultaneously when the water is stirred for one and a half minutes.

Effluent containing 300,000 ppm heavy metals Time to coagulate 1m3 of wastewater (min)
Coagulatable suspended solid concentration (ppm)
Water content of sludge cake after coagulation (%)

  Miragrace PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride)
Chemical form powder liquid
Coagulation action mechanism fixation chemical sorption fixation physical sorption
PH pH dependence is minimal pH there is pH dependence (6)
Solution temperature() 5`60 10`40
Contaminant concentration(ppm) `50~10e4 `5~10e4
Coagulation (min) 1`30 30`120
Precipitation (min) 1`30 120`480
Organic material based high processing performance low processing performance
Heavy metal based high processing performance low processing performance
Cement based difficult to solidify easy to precipitate/solidify
State of formed floc very low viscosity high viscosity
Processing time (min) about 30 about 90
Water content() 50`65 70`85
Resolvability subsequent dissolving or elution difficult to occur subsequent dissolving or elution can readily occur
Detachability from filter fabric easy to separate from filter fabric difficult to separate from filter fabric
Coagulation reaction The material itself has characteristics to absorb turbid particles, granulation occurs and then coagulation/flocculation occurs. As time passes the granulation advances. The macromolecular coagulant agent is an additive to coagulate microscopic particles inside a colloidal solution.

For inorganic based and inorganic and organic based: aluminum sulfate, poly aluminum chloride

For organic based: polyacrylamide macromolecular coagulant agent

Heavy Metal Condensation Test Result iPlating factory waste waterjThe amount of addition 300ppm
mg/L Raw water Processing water Measurement Law
Zn 1100 0.007 JIS
Cr 33 0.03 JIS
Fe 44000 0.19 JIS
Mn 6900 28 JIS
F 1.8 0.27 JIS
B 220 0.37 JIS
Ni 1800 0.03 ICP Law
pH 7.8 7.9 JIS
BOD 300 2 JIS
COD 770 15 JIS

Large-scale processing plant in Onna Village, Okinawa

The earth and sand created from cutting away hillsides can pollute the neighboring waterways as industrial waste.
Our company has conducted large-scale processing using Miragrace and removed the earth and sand that has flowed into the waterways by means of coagulant agent. We have managed to prevent contamination.
Areas of application for Miragrace

(1) Processing of contaminated water and sludge
[Various industrial wastewater, ocean, rivers, lakes and marshes, building and tunnel construction, sewage]

(2) Processing of plating wastewater

(3) Processing of water soluble paint wastewater

(4) Processing of organic wastewater such as from producing pre-washed rice

(5) Industrial and domestic wastewater

(6) Soil improvement (removal of heavy metal contamination)

(7) Measures tackling ocean pollution

(8) Processing of incineration ash

Consulting regarding zero emission system technology for wastewater and incineration ash processing

With Miragrace, we can realize such recycling.

Because it is possible to realize non-firing limestone (ceramic), it is possible to obtain a high density solid at low energy from the solidification of the precipitate.

As aggregates will not be eluted from substances once they have solidified, they can be reused safely.

The photo below shows a flow cycle starting from the right:

floating/suspended state -> insertion of Miragrace -> agitation -> rest ->sedimentation -> solidification

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